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How To Convert MBOX To HTML – 2 Easy Methods

” I have .mbox file which is exported from Google Takeout. Can I convert MBOX to HTML to open MBOX file in Chrome?”

“IHow do I change a MBOX file to a HTML along with attachments?”

“Hello there, I have multiple .mbox files and I want to export MBOX email files to HTML? Suggest me best way to do this conversion?

Are you also facing the same issues?  And tired of trying different solutions but with no expected result? Then you are in right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss the different methods to convert MBOX to HTML with attachments. Let start with

Ways To Convert MBOX File to HTML

You can export MBOX emails to HTML format in two ways – either manually or using an automated tool.

#1.  Using Mozilla Thunderbird ( Free/ Manual)
#2.  Using MBOX to HTML Converter

After searching a lot, we come up with the 2 best ways to complete this conversion process. Both methods are tested by experts. Stay with us to know which method is good enough to solve your issues.

Method 1. MBOX to HTML Conversion Via Mozilla Thunderbird

This solution is for Windows users, for this you need Thunderbird client installed on your system.
Step 1. Open the mailing client on your PC.

Step 2. Go to the File option in the menu bar.

Step 3. Select Import/Export Tools add-on.

Step 4. Select the MBOX file to import into Thunderbird.

Step 5. Select email and then right-click >> Save Selected Message.

Step 6. Choose an HTML file format to start the conversion process.


  • High chance of data loss.
  • It takes a lot of time to complete the process.

Method 2.  Convert MBOX to HTML With Attachments

MBOX Converter is a reliable and easy-to-use tool with powerful working. It supports the conversion of multiple files in a batch. This tool is capable enough to convert .mbox to .html with attachments. The software is designed in such a way that, it can export MBOX emails to HTML and other file formats and different email cloud servers also.

Additionally, you can use the software and transfer MBOX to Google Workspace, iCloud, Gmail and all other webmail accounts in a single interface. With that, there are various filter options (to, from, cc, bcc, name, subject, date, time, etc) that will convert emails from MBOX file with efficiency.

Following are the steps to convert MBOX to HTML;

Step 1. Launch and run the MBOX to HTML Converter on your PC.

Step 2. A window will appear, select the Open option.

Step 3. After that select  Email Data File >> MBOX File >> Select file.

mbox to pst converter

Step 4. This tool previews your emails so that you can read them.

convert mbox to html

Step 5. Select an Export option and choose from the given option.

mbox to html conversion

 Step 6. Select the targeted location and click on the Save button.

mbox top html conversion tool

Now the MBOX to HTML Conversion process has been completed and the converted file is saved in targeted locations.

Amazing features of MBOX to HTML Converter

  • Batch Convert MBOX to HTML

This software can transfer multiple MBOX emails into HTML and other file formats in a single attempt. Using this tool you can create .html files from multiple .mbox files without facing any issue. You can convert the entire email file by selecting the .mbox folder.

  • Export  MBOX To Email Cloud Servers

With the help of this converter, you can import MBOX emails into different cloud-based servers, like MBOX to Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, Zoho, and other webmail servers. This software program in such a way that it can convert .mbox files from any email client that supports this file format into a cloud server.

  • Multiple File savings options

MBOX to HTML Converter gives you several file-saving options to convert MBOX to PST, EML, TXT, PDF, HTML, CSV. While using this converter there is no size limitation, you can transfer large size .mbox files without losing a single bit of data from your .mbox email file.

  • Extract Email information

This email converter is capable enough to retrieve email addresses, phone numbers, attachments, associated email addresses, numbers, etc. from  .mbox in a single file. Using this tool you can save phone numbers, email addresses, and attachments from also and save them in a folder separately.  Also, extract email addresses with phone numbers associated with that particular address from the entire MBOX emails.

  • Advance Email Filter

You can export selected emails from .mbox files using the Advanced Filter option via MBOX to HTML Converter. Using this feature it is possible to convert emails by selecting email attributes like subject, date range, email address, etc.

  • Selective Email Conversion

If you have multiple folders in your MBOX file and just want to export some selective data, this tool gives you an option. After selecting the HTML from the export menu, you will find that your mailbox folder has a check box. You can select the desired folders and convert only important email folders.


So, till now we get to know about 2 easy methods to convert MBOX to HTML. In the manual method, we use Thunderbird to do the conversion process, but it is not very reliable and secure. Whereas in another method where we discuss MBOX Converter which can easily export all your .mbox with attachments. You can choose between both methods as per your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Can I open MBOX emails in Chrome? If yes, then how?

Answer.  Yes, it is possible to access your emails in Chrome by converting MBOX to HTML using this software. Below are the steps to complete the above process;

Step1. Open the SysConverter for MBOX on your system.

step2. Now move the cursor to the Open option and select the MBOX file from your system.

Step 3. After that, click on Export, and select HTML from the given option.

Step 4. Enter the targeted location and click on the Save button.

Step 5. Open the folder where the HTML file is saved.

Step 6. After that right-click the file and then select Open with >> Chrome.

Question 2. Is it possible to export the Thunderbird MBOX file into PDF format?

Answer. Yes, this tool is smart enough to convert MBOX to PDF file without facing any glitches.

Question 3. I have 25 MBOX files and I want to convert them into HTML file format? Is this software is capable to do this?

Answer.  You can easily convert multiple MBOX to HTML using this software in a few simple steps. Along with that, it can also convert .mbox email files to .html in bulk.

Question 4. I exported Thunderbird email in .mbox file format. Now, I want to save all emails in an excel format. Can this tool perform this operation?

Answer. Yes, this software converts MBOX to CSV format, after that it can be easily opened in any application that supports Excel format.

Question 5. Can I operate this tool on my Windows 11 OS?

Answer. Yes, this tool supports Windows 11, 10, 8, Vista, and all previous versions and convert MBOX to HTML without any hassle.

Question 6. I want to save my MBOX file email in EML file format? Can this tool have this option?

Answer. You can convert MBOX to EML as well as other file formats with ease.

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