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How To Convert MBOX To PST – With & Without Outlook

This write-up is a guide that describes different methods to Convert MBOX to PST file format. We will discuss the complete process of converting the .mbox file into an Outlook data file in a simple way. At the end of this article, you were able to know how to convert MBOX to PST without facing any glitches.

Before that, let’s know a little bit about the PST and MBOX file formats. Both are file formats used to store email data, but there is a major difference between both the file format. MBOX is suitable for storing email messages with attachments, whereas PST files can store emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc systematically.

Queries Related to MBOX to PST Conversion

“I have multiple .mbox data files which I want to open .mbox file in Outlook client. Please suggest the best way? “
“I have my company’s 3GB .mbox email data which I exported from Google Takeout. Can anyone tell me how to convert MBOX to PST? “
” How can I merge multiple .mbox files into a single .pst?”

How do I convert an MBOX file to PST? To export MBOX emails to PST format, firstly you need to convert MBOX emails into EML files. Then upload the .eml files to the Outlook interface and using the Import/Export tool export them in a PST file. Another way is to configure your Gmail account with both email clients and export your data.

Best 2 Methods to Export MBOX Emails to PST File

#1. Using Mozilla Thunderbird Configuration
#2. Using MBOX to PST Converter

How To Convert MBOX to PST Manually?

For converting emails from .mbox file to .pst format, you have to follow few steps.

Stage 1: Save MBOX as EML files.

Firstly we will save all emails from the MBOX file in EML file format using Mozilla Thunderbird.

  1. Open the .mbox file in Mozilla Thunderbird and click on Folder > New Folder.
  2. Enter the folder name and click on create folder button.
  3. Select the emails you want to export and move them to the newly created folder.
  4. Select all emails and save them in .eml files at the targeted location.

Here you convert MBOX to EML format. now move them into the Outlook interface. For that read the next section.

Stage 2: Move EML files to Outlook

After you export MBOX emails into EML format, now you can import these data files into the Outlook interface. Below are the steps to perform this task.

    1. Open Outlook client and follow File > Open & Export > Import/Export.Convert MBOX to PST
    2. Select the Export to file option and click the Next button.Export MBOX to PST
    3. Choose Create file type to Outlook Data File(.pst).Convert MBOX to PST
    4. Locate the EML folder and click Next.
    5. Step 5. Select the targeted location and then the Finish button.transfer MBOX to PST

With this manual method, there are certain limitations, such as;

      • Time-consuming process.
      • Risk of data loss
      • Need of technical support.

Method 2. How to Convert MBOX to PST Without Outlook?

MBOX Converter is the most secure and reliable tool to export all your mailbox files to different file formats or email servers. This tool has the ability to convert .mbox to .pst, .eml, .pdf, .html, and many more. While using MBOX to PST Converter you can perform the conversion process without affecting the mailbox integrity and hierarchy. You can import a large number of MBOX file to PST with all attachments.

Along with that, it offers an advanced search option to convert emails from a particular category, field, date range, and many more. Additionally, you can also import MBOX to Google Workspace, Yahoo, Gmail and all other webmail accounts. If you want to convert multiple MBOX file, then this tool allows you to select the entire folder for conversion in a single attempt. While bulk export there will be no data loss and alteration.

Follow the Simple Process to Export Email Using MBOX to PST Converter

  1. Open the SysConverter for MBOX on your system.
  2. Move your cursor to the Open option in the menu bar.convert mbox to pst
  3. Now click on Email Data File > MBOX File > Select File.mbox to pst converter
  4. This tool previews all emails from the selected mailbox file.convert mbox to pst
  5. Select the PST file from the Export option present on the menu bar.mbox to pst conversion
  6. If you want to perform specific conversions, then you can select email folders here.MBOX to PST converter
  7. Browse the targeted location and last click on the Save button.mbox-pst converter

Here complete the MBOX to PST conversion process. Now you can easily import this file format into the Outlook interface and access its emails.

Some Highlighted Features of MBOX to PST Converter

  • Open MBOX File In Outlook

In Outlook there is no option to export a .mbox email file. In that case, this software can import .mbox to .pst. Then you can easily access the PST email file as it is supported by Outlook.

  • No File Size Limitation

MBOX to PST Converter can export large .mbox email files to .pst and another file format without any data loss. It can batch-convert MBOX files to email cloud servers also.

  • High Conversion Speed

While converting email files from one file format to another or cloud server, this tool conversion speed is recommendable. This converter has high-speed file conversion performance.

  • Create Individual Folder

MBOX To PST converter gives you an option while converting .mbox to .pst to create an individual PST file for each folder. It will be convenient to save data files and reduce the chances of corruption.

  • Simple User Interface

This software has a simple user interface that made it easy to convert MBOX to PST format without any hassle. This converter can be used by both technical and non-technical users and export emails from MBOX file to PST format without facing any technical difficulties.

  • Export MBOX to Cloud 

MBOX to PST Converter can also import MBOX to Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Yahoo, Zoho, Zimbra, Office 365, and other email cloud servers. This tool can easily export .mbox emails to any webmail server without losing any information.

  • Multiple File Saving Options

This converting tool is powerful enough, that it can convert MBOX to HTML, EML, PDF, CSV, and EML file format with attachments. This tool gives you the freedom to select any file format according to your needs.

  • Preserve Mailbox Structure

The best MBOX to PST Converter tool export your MBOX file data into PST format without affecting the email folder hierarchy. Along with that, this utility maintains email folder or sub-folder structure during MBOX to PST conversion process.


Moving a mailbox to Outlook is quite a risky task, you can face many problems. Till now we discuss 2 methods to convert MBOX to PST. As we see how manual method is a time-consuming and lengthy process. To overcome this limitation an automation solution is also mentioned i.e. MBOX Converter. This software is smart enough to create PST files from MBOX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Is it possible to convert multiple .mbox files to .pst with attachments?
Answer. Yes, with the help of this software, you can easily convert multiple mailbox files to Outlook.

Question 2. Can I store all MBOX emails in an Excel sheet?
Answer. Yes,  you can convert MBOX to CSV format and open this file in MS Excel, Google Spreadsheet, and many more applications.

Question3. I have multiple MBOX files. Can I export all the files into a single PST file?
Answer. Yes, this tool can create a single .pst file from .mbox.

Question 4. Is there a way to transfer bulk mailbox data to Outlook?
Answer. Yes, there is no limitation with the bulk conversion which this tool.

Question 5. Does this tool also export the MBOX file to PDF format?

Answer. Yes, with this tool you can easily convert MBOX to PDF as well as many other formats.

Question 6. Do I need to install any other application to export MBOX to PST File? 

Answer. No, this utility is capable of performing this task itself with accuracy and efficiency.

Question 7. Does this tool support MBOX file exported by Eudora Email Client?

Answer: Yes, this software will convert MBOX files exported by any application that supports this file format.

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