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How To Convert MBOX To PDF With Attachments

Converting from MBOX to PDF is a complicated process. It has to be done carefully because it involves your crucial data. In order to convert an email file, there must be a reliable and secure approach to complete this process. Today we will discuss secure methods to convert MBOX to PDF with attachments.

Before focusing on those techniques, let’s see the user queries related to this conversion process.

“I have 20+ MBOX email files, and I want to convert them in Adobe PDF file format?”

“Can I convert multiple .mbox email files in .pdf to access my emails with ease?”

“Is it possible to convert emails files that are exported by Thunderbird into simple .pdf file format?”

However, before we move ahead and convert MBOX to PDF let’s discuss some benefits of using the .pdf file format.

  • PDF is platform-independent and easily access on any OS device.
  • Widely used and shared file format.
  • Safe and secure as it difficult to alter
  • Can include photos, text, links, etc in a .pdf file.

After searching a lot we came up with these methods to export MBOX to PDF format with attachments.

Best Method to Convert MBOX to PDF Format

There are two methods that can perform this conversion process. Both are described below with screenshots for better understanding. Select the method that best fitted with your needs.

#1. Use Mozilla Thunderbird (Free Online Solution)
#2. Use Best MBOX to PDF Converter

The above two methods are the finest approach for MBOX to PDF conversion with no data loss. Let’s address these techniques one at a time.

How to Export MBOX file to PDF Online (Free)?

In this approach, you will manually convert MBOX emails into PDF file along with attachments. Follow the given instructions carefully since it is a lengthy process that requires some technical knowledge.

Step 1. Firstly Add-Ons are needed to install.

In order to transfer MBOX file data into a portable format, you need to install an additional tool. Follow the given instructions for this.

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your system.
  2. Go to the gear menu and select the gear button >> Add-Ons.
    export mbox to pdf
  3. In Add-Ons Manager look for “ImportExportTools
  4. Find ImportExport NG and click on the Add to Thunderbird.export mbox emails to pdf format
  5. Install this add-on and restart Thunderbird.

Step 2. Save MBOX emails to PDF.

After successfully adding the plugin, now restart your email client. After that, you can transfer your mailbox data into PDF format. Firstly you need to import MBOX to Thunderbird after that you can perform the given steps.

  1. Import the email files by right click on Local Folder.
  2. After that select ImportExportTool NG and click on Import MBOX File.
    convert mbox to pdf
  3. Choose Export all messages in the folder> Select the Email file to convert into PDF.
    savebox file as pdf
  4. Right-click on the folder that needs to convert and choose Save Selected Message and click on PDF format.
    5. Select a targeted location to save the converted email file.

If you are among those who try to convert email data files using a manual approach, then you face some issues, such as;

  • Data loss from converted files.
  • Data alteration results change in email integrity.
  • After being exported in a .pdf file, the image can break.
  • This approach will not work Thunderbird 115 version.
  • Waste of time that has no desired outcome.

If you are tired of wasting time and losing data after using the manual method. Then an automation tool will be the best solution. Below is one such tool that can save your time and data and convert MBOX to PDF without any glitches.

How to Convert MBOX to PDF With Attachments?

MBOX Converter is the best tool that will help in overcoming the above shot. This software is designed by professionals, that can easily convert MBOX to PDF with attachments in a few simple clicks. It also exports .mbox email files to other file formats. This tool converts emails to cloud-based servers and helps to access emails over the internet. One of the key features of this converter is that it is very easy to use by every user.

Additionally, with this best MBOX to PDF Converter, there are various advanced filter options that help you to convert emails from a particular date, time, name, subject, property id & name, cc, bcc, etc. Moreover, using this software you can convert MBOX to HTML, PST, CSV, and various other file formats as well.

Download MBOX to PDF Converter

Follow the given steps to print MBOX emails in PDF file with Attachments-

  1. Install and run the best MBOX to PDF Converter.
  2. Select the Open option present in the window.
    convert mbox to pdf
  3. After that select Email Data File >> MBOX File >> Select File.convert mbox file to pdf
  4. The tool shows all emails present on the .mbox pdf file from mbox
  5. After that, click on Export >> PDF.mbox to pdf convertet
  6. Browse the targeted location to save the exported files and click on the Save button.mbox to pdf conversion

The Conversion process is completed, check the file at the targeted location. You can also use the demo version of the SysConverter for MBOX software and convert MBOX to PDF without any hassle.

The remarkable characteristic of MBOX to PDF Converter

1. Convert Batch Email Files
This tool is smart enough to convert .mbox files to .pdf in bulk. There is no limitation on file size, export large-size files to different file formats with all information.

2. Move MBOX emails to Cloud
MBOX to PDF converter is an intelligent way to transfer all .mbox emails to cloud-based email servers. This tool will import MBOX to Gmail, Thunderbird, Office 365, Yandex, Yahoo, Zoho, and other email servers and email clients.

3. User Interactive Interface
This software can be used by every single user due to its user-friendly interface. The various steps to complete the conversion process are self-descriptive so that there will be no issues while using the tool.

4. Extract Information from Emails
With the help of this software, you can retrieve email information from files. his tool can extract Email addresses, phone numbers, attachments, and associated email addresses and phone numbers in separate files as per the selected option.

5. Advance Email Filter Option
One of the main features of the MBOX to PDF converter is the email filter option. By using this feature, anyone can convert selected emails from MBOX to PDF with ease.

6. Multiple File Format
This software offers various options to save email from MBOX file in a single interface. Using this tool users can convert  MBOX to CSV, HTML, PST, EML, and other file formats with no data loss.

7. Maintain Folder Hierarchy
This MBOX to PDF Converter tool will perform the conversion process without affecting the mailbox formatting. The software will preserve the email folder and sub-folder hierarchy and structure while you convert MBOX emails to PDF with attachments.

8. Windows-Based Software
This Email converter tool can easily install and run on all Windows OS versions. You can use this software in Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and all other previous versions.

Download MBOX to PDF Converter

Wrapping Up 

The email conversion process is very complex, single error and we can lose data. So, convert MBOX to PDF, convert MBOX to PST, EML,  and many more, and make sure to use the trusted method. In this write-up, we also discuss some trusted methods to export .mbox to .pdf with attachments. Both are good methods, but the manual has its own limitations. So if you value your time using an automated approach is the best option for file conversion. In a few clicks, MBOX to PDF Converter solves all your issues regarding .mbox to .pdf converter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Can I open MBOX files in Adobe Reader?
Answer. Yes, with the help of this converter, you can access your .mbox mails in Adobe Reader by converting MBOX to PDF.

Question 2. Can I open an email from an MBOX file in the Chrome browser?
Answer. Definitely Yes, you need to convert MBOX to HTML and access this file in Chrome and any other browser.

Question 3. Is it possible to convert multiple .mbox files to .pdf?
Answer. Yes, you can export multiple MBOX mail files to PDF with this software with attachments.

Question 4. I am a lawyer and I have to present some emails in the courtroom. Can I convert these emails into the file format accepted in legal procedures?
Answer. Yes,  MBOX to PDF Converter can convert all email files into a .pdf file that is admissible as legal documents.

Question 5. Does this tool export the MBOX file to seprate email files?
Answer. Yes, this tool can convert MBOX to EML in a few seconds.

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