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Thunderbird ImportExportTools NG Not Working [Fixed]

In this blog, we will discuss the different troubleshooting ideas to fix the Thunderbird ImportExportTools NG Not Working error. Read the complete post, fix the error and import or export your Thunderbird data. 

Thunderbird is one of the popular open-source applications for managing your emails. With many advanced and robust features, many of the users prefer this email client. One of the important features offered by Thunderbird is its ImportExportTool NG. This add-in helps in importing and exporting emails and other data.

However, encountering issues with the tool can be stressful especially when you want to export or import some data. Here in this blog, we will discuss different ways to fix the ImportExportTools NG not working in Thunderbird issue.

Before we move ahead, let’s know the scenario when the user faces this error –

  • After updating Thunderbird to the new version.
  • If your Thunderbird profile got corrupted.
  • File Permission issue
  • Bug and viruses in Thunderbird and many more.

How to Fix “Thunderbird ImportExportTools NG Not Working” Error?

If you are a Thunderbird user and facing the ImportExportTools greyed-out issue, then consider the given solutions to fix it. Read all the mentioned solutions and fix the issue and if still facing the issue then you can contact the Thunderbird support team.

1. Add Email Account

If you are using Thunderbird without adding any email account in it, then it is the main reason for your ImportExportTool NG not working. First of all, add the mail account, for follow the given instructions –

1. In Thunderbird, click on the setting icon at the bottom of the screen.
2. The, Account Setting >> Account Acction >> Add Mail Account.

ImportExportTool NG not working
3. Enter your login details and clcik on the Continue button.
4. Enter the IMAP/POP3 details and complete the process.

2. Install ImportExportTool NG Add-ons

If you’ve recently updated your Thunderbird application, there’s a possibility that some of your add-ons may no longer function properly. In such instances, it’s best to uninstall the outdated add-ons and replace them with their updated versions.

How do I install import export tools in Thunderbird? Follow the given instructions.

1. In Thunderbird, press the Alt button and click on Add-ons & Themes.
2. In the Search bar, enter ImportExportTool NG and press enter.
3. Then, click on Add to Thunderbird and install it.

install importexporttools ng

Here complete the installation, and check whether ImportExportToolsNG is working.

3. Clear Cache Data

Sometimes the cache and temporary file in your Thunderbird can cause the issue. Delete all the corrupted cache and temporary files. You can delete them from the General setting section under the Disk space option.

4. Check File Permission

Make sure your Thunderbird application has proper permission to access and modify files in your systems. The incorrect permission setting can affect the smooth working of Thunderbird ImportExportTools NG.

5. Remove Unwanted Add-ons

Disable other add-ons and check whether they are affecting the tool. Sometimes, the conflict between two add-ons can lead to Thunderbird ImportExportTools NG Not Working issue. To fix the error, remove the other third-party plugins from your Thunderbird profile.

Alternative Solution When Thunderbird ImportExportTools NG Not Working

If your Thunderbird ImportExportTool NG is unavailable and you want to export your email data, then you can use the expert solution for that. Use SysConverter for Thunderbird tool and effortlessly export all the mailbox data into different file formats. The Thunderbird Converter with its simple user interface allows both technical and non-technical users to perform the export process in a few clicks. Additionally, there are various filter options that help in converting selective Thunderbird emails as well. The advanced and robust features of the utility effortlessly backup Thunderbird emails to hard drive without any data loss.

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Here in this blog, we discuss different ways to fix the Thunderbird ImportExportTools NG Not Working error. Try the given solution and resolve the issue. If you still facing the error, then ask for help from Thunderbird Support or the community. In the end, we also mention an alternative way to export Thunderbird emails when ImportExport is unavailable.

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