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How To Convert MBOX To CSV With Attachments?

“How do I export emails from MBOX file to CSV?”

“I was thinking to export MBOX to CSV so that I can easily access the file in excel sheet. I was searching best solution, but I am unable to find any reliable solution. Please tell me an easy way?  ”

“I have multiple .mbox files. Can anyone tell me how to convert MBOX to CSV file?”

Are you among those who want to convert MBOX file to CSV file? Then today we will check out the 2 best ways to open .mbox file in .csv format. Firstly, let’s focus to know the title bit about both file formats.

MBOX file is used to store emails with attachments, email subject, contacts, address books, images, signatures, etc. This file extension is used by many email clients and servers to save email files, like Gmail, Thunderbird, Google Takeout, and some other servers.

CSV (i.e, Comma Separated Values) is used to store data in the form of rows and columns ( Table Form). The main feature of this file format is that it can be easily opened in Microsoft Excel, and Google Spreadsheets also. It is the most organized method to store data.

Methods To Convert MBOX to CSV with Attachments

#1. Using Mozilla Thunderbird (Manual)
#2. Using MBOX to CSV Converter

After searching over we came across 2 methods to convert MBOX to CSV. We tested both solutions, Continue reading this article to know about these methods. After that, you can decide which solution is best suited for you.

How to Convert MBOX Contacts to CSV Manually?

To export the contacts from MBOX file into .csv format, follow the below steps;

  1. Open Thunderbird on your system.
  2. Select Address book from the menu bar.
  3. Now click on Tools > Export.
  4. Select targeted location
  5. Now choose the selected address book in CSV file format.

Now MBOX to CSV conversion process is completed. You can check your .csv file in the selected target location. Here you transfer MBOX file contacts to CSV file. If you want to save emails from MBOX file to CSV format, then use the method mentioned in the next section.


  • This is a very time-consuming process.
  • There are high chances of data loss
  • Unable to convert large MBOX file

Method 2. Export CSV file from MBOX in Seconds

With the help of the MBOX to CSV Converter, anyone can export mailbox files to CSV format with all attachments. This MBOX file Converter tool is powerful enough to export email from MBOX files into different file formats without any data loss.  Most importantly this software can be used by the novice user due to its simple interface.

Furthermore, one can use this tool and export MBOX to Yahoo, Gamil, and many other webmail accounts as well. With this tool, there are various advance filter options that help to perform specific conversions only. You can use the demo version of this tool and convert MBOX to CSV without any data loss.

Free Download MBOX to CSV Converter

Some amazing features of MBOX to CSV Converter are;

  • Batch convert .mbox to .csv.
  • Convert mailbox files with attachments.
  • Export MBOX file from Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.
  • Advance filter option.
  • Maintain email integrity.
  • Uphold folder and sub-folder hierarchy and structure.

Following are the steps to convert MBOX to Excel CSV with attachments;

  1. Run the SysConverter for MBOX on your system.
  2. Click on the Open option and choose from the drop-down menu.convert MBOX to CSV
  3. Select Email Data File> MBOX file> Choose file or Folder.mbox to csv converter
  4. You can preview your emails using this software.convert mbox to csv with attachments
  5. Click on the Export option and select CSV format from the given options.mbox to csv conversion
  6. If you want to convert a few selective email folders to .csv format, then you can choose them here.Convert MBOX to CSV
  7. Choose a targeted location and click the Save mbox in csv

Done! Here you convert MBOX to CSV format in a few simple clicks. There are various outstanding features of this software thaT make MBOX to CSV conversion secure and efficient.

Reason to choose MBOX to Excel Converter ;

  • Convert Multiple MBOX Emails File.
    MBOX to CSV Converter allows you to export multiple .mbox email files with attachments. This software ensures that your data has integrity and security.
  • Export MBOX to Cloud Server
    Using this software you can convert your .mbox email files to different cloud-based servers without any data loss. With this tool, you can export MBOX to Gmail, Google Takeout, Yahoo, Yandex, Zimbra, Thunderbird, Outlook, and many more cloud-based servers.
  • Various File formats to Save MBOX File
    This MBOX to CSV Converter offers multiple options to export email from the data file. Users can convert MBOX to PDF, PST, HTML, and other file formats with no data loss.
  •    Convert Selected Emails
    Using the Advanced Filter option provided by this software, it is possible to convert any selective emails from .mbox to .csv and another file format.
  • High Conversion Ratio
    MBOX to CSV Converter guarantees you a high conversion process ratio. It converts email files at high speed whether it is to convert MBOX to PST, EML, PDF, and other file formats or other email cloud servers.
  • Open MBOX File in Excel
    It is not possible to access .mbox files in Excel. In that case, you have to convert MBOX to CSV as this file format is supported by Excel. After converting .mbox to .csv it is easily accessible in Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, etc.
  • Preserve Email Attributes & Hierarchy
    MBOX to CSV converter ensures to hold and preserve email attributes and hierarchy after the conversion process is completed. All the emails will be present there in their respective folder with attachments.


The manual method is free of cost but it is not an accurate solution. Using this you may lose your data or the end result is not in your favour. Whereas MBOX Converter is the solution to your conversion problems. It is specially programmed to convert MBOX to CSV with attachments so that it can be easily accessed in Excel Sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. I want to export my email address and phone number from the MBOX file?
Answer. Yes, with the help of this software, you can extract the address and phone number using the different extraction options.

Question 2. Can I open the MBOX file on any Web Browser?
Answer. No, you can’t directly open this file on any web browser. To do it you have to convert MBOX to HTML format. After that, you can open this converted file on any web browser with ease.

Question 3. Can I convert 20+ MBOX emails into CVS files with attachments?
Answer.  Yes, This converter can convert multiple .mbox files into .csv file format with attachments.

Question 4. Is it possible to transfer all MBOX emails in EML format?
Answer. Yes, using this utility you can convert MBOX to EML format.

Question 5. Can I convert the MBOX file exported by the Google Takeout service?
Answer: Yes, you can convert MBOX file created by any email client or server without any hassle.

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