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How to Import MBOX to Office 365 – Top 2 Solutions

Overview: Tired of searching for a way to transfer emails from a .mbox file to Microsoft Office 365? If so, your search ends here. Today in this article we will discuss two solutions to import MBOX to Office 365 with full mailbox data.

While cloud-based email applications gaining popularity many users swith to them. Due to multiple facilities like remote data access, no security breach, independent application, and many more features cloud attracts many users to Office 365 for better work management.

Since Office 365 is a cloud-based email application, it allows users to access their emails anytime, anywhere. Today we will focus on the needs of the specific group of people who want to import MBOX to Office 365 account.

Before moving further, let’s get to know a little bit about the MBOX file format.

MBOX is a file format used by many email clients to save your mailbox data. This file is compatible with Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, MS Outrage, Opera Mail and many more. However, Office 365 does not support this file format in its interface. You need to transfer it directly to the o365 account

Instant Solution: Try MBOX Converter and import multiple emails from MBOX files to Office 365 directly at once.

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Methods to Import MBOX to Office 365

In this section, we will discuss two methods to transfer emails from the .mbox file into Microsoft Office 365 account.

#1. Manually save MBOX File Emails to Office 365
#2. Directly Transfer MBOX file to Office 365 Via Professional Tool

Without further delay, let’s start with these methods one by one.

How to Transfer MBOX File to Office 365 Manually?

In this method, we will use IMAP for the setup since most email clients do not have an exchange server. We carry out this process in two different sections. Let’s start.

Step 1: Setup Office 365 Account in Thunderbird

  1. Install Mozilla Thunderbird from its official website or click here. After that run it on your system.
  2. While creating a new account, choose “Skip and use existing email“.
  3. Enter your name, log in details of your Office 365 account and click on Continue.import mbox file to office 365
  4. Click on the “configure Manually” option and put the following details,
    Incoming : IMAP, server name –, port – 993 SSL – SSL/TLS, Authentication – Oauth2, username – your O365 email id
    Outgoing: SMTP, server name –, port – 587, SSL – STARTTLS,Authentication – Oauth2 , username – your O365 email id
    transfer mbox file to ofice 365
  5. click on the Done button to set up your Office 365 account to Thunderbird.

Step 2. Transfer MBOX  to Thunderbird

  1. Open Thunderbird emails client and install the ImportExportTools NG add-on.
  2. Go to Tool >> Add-ons and search ImportExportTool on the search bar.
  3. Click on Add on Thunderbird >> Add. After that restart this email client.import mbox to office 365
  4. Right-click on Local Folder >> ImportExportTools NG >> Import MBOX File.import mbox file to office 365 account
  5. Select the .mbox file that you want to import in Office 365 and then click on the Open button.
    Now, this file is uploaded on the Thunderbird interface.

Step 3: Transfer MBOX File to Office 365

  1. Select all the emails that are imported on Thunderbird.
  2. Right-click and select Copy To >> Office 365 account.
    import mbox file to office 365

Here all the emails will be copied on your O356 account. Check your webmail account and check are all files are present there.

Note: If you are using the new version of Thunderbird, then there is an in-built option to import MBOX file.

However, this manual method has some limitations.

  • One needs technical knowledge to configure both email clients.
  • Expert in using Office 365 application.
  • A time-consuming process with lots of complexity.
  • High chances of data loss.

How to Import MBOX to Office 365 Instantly?

If you find the manual method long and complex, then you can switch to the automated tool. One of the tools is the MBOX converter, which is specially designed to export email data from an MBOX file to another platform. With this tool, you can easily transfer multiple .mbox files to Office 365 account without any problem.

Along with that, you can use its advanced filter option to avoid unwanted imports. Use this tool and transfer large size .mbox file to Office 365 account without any data loss. Additionally, this tool is capable enough to transfer MBOX to Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud and many other webmail accounts as well.

Follow the given steps to transfer emails from MBOX to Office 365 –

  1. Install and run SysConverter for MBOX tool on your system.
  2. After that click on the Open button to upload the data file.import mbox file to office 365
  3. Here select Email Data File >> MBOX File >> Select File or Folder.import mbox file to office 365 account
  4. Read your emails and decide which emails needed to be imported.transfer mbox file emails to office 365
  5. /
  6. After that click on the Export button and choose Office 365 option.export mbox tfile to office 365
  7. If you don’t want to import a complete data file, then you can select the email folders that are important and need to move.import MBOX to Office 365
  8. Enter your webmail account login details and at last click on the Save button.import mbox file to office 365

You are all done! Here you successfully import MBOX to Office 365 account using this automated tool.


We have mentioned 2 methods in relation to the query: “How to import MBOX to Office 365?” One is the manual method which requires loss of time and technical knowledge. Whereas an automated tool, it is an easy approach to easily transfer MBOX emails to Office 365 seamlessly. Users can opt for any of the solutions that suit them best.

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