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How to Import MBOX to Exchange Server?

Have you been trying to move MBOX file into Exchange Server and face difficulties? If yes, then this tool is going to solve all your problem. In this article, we will learn a secure way to import MBOX to Exchange Server within a few simple steps.

MBOX is the most used file format to store mailbox information. This file format is supported by many email clients including Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Eudora, and many other desktop applications.

Although MBOX is a popular format that stores emails in a single file, it is prone to corruption or damage. Thus it is important to save the data file in order to secure your important information, it is best to import MBOX to Exchange Server.

Now you are wondering – Why Exchange Server?

Exchange is a mailing and calendaring server developed by Microsoft. It only runs on Windows Server operating systems. With its advanced security, most businesses opt for Exchange Server.

“Hi, I’m running into a problem and need urgent help. I’m using an email client on my personal system that supports MBOX file format. There are a lot of emails, and I’m exporting them in .mbox format. Now the problem is where I work, we use Exchange Server which makes it difficult to access these emails on my office system. Can anyone suggest to me a safe way to easily import MBOX files into Exchange Server?

This user query tells that the user is in urgent need of importing MBOX to Exchange Server account. Therefore, without any further delay, let’s dive in and know the instant and secure way to import mailbox to Exchange.

How to Import MBOX Files to Exchange

Getting a perfect solution to perform the MBOX to Exchange import process can be a tiresome task. One mistake and you will lose your data. Therefore, for accurate, fast and reliable results, use the MBOX converter tool. This utility is all you need to perform the import process.

Using this software you can import MBOX to Exchange Online or Hosted Server account with ease. This import tool allows transferring single or multiple MBOX files into Exchange in a single attempt. It also offers a free preview option to choose eth email folders and perform a selective import process. While importing the emails, this tool preserves email key attributes and properties.

download MBOX Converter

Steps to Import MBOX Emails to Exchange Server Account

To perform an accurate and secure import process, follow the given instruction.

Step 1. Download the SysConverter for MBOX on your system and after that launch it.

Step 2. Then, click on the Open button to choose further options.

Import MBOX to Exchange

Step 3. Now select Email Data File >> MBOX File >> Select File or Folders.

Import MBOX File to Exchange

Step 4. Here you can view your email and select the required folder to transfer.

Move MBOX to Exchange

Step 5. At this point click on Export and choose IMAP as a saving option.

Import MBOX to Exchange

Step 6. In the last step, enter your Exchange Server login details and hit on the Save button.

Import MBOX to Exchange

All Done! Here you efficiently import MBOX to Exchange Server account with complete mailbox data.

Need of MBOX to Exchange Import Tool

This utility has many amazing features, some of which we will have a glimpse of here.

Import MBOX Emails in Bulk: This amazing utility offers an option to select folder of multiple MBOX folders for importing. In this way, you can move multiple MBOX files into Exchange Server in a single attempt without any data loss.

Maintain Mailbox Structure: With MBOX to Exchange Import Tool, you will get the same result email as the original. You will find all emails in their respective folders or subfolders after you import MBOX to Exchange Server account.

Email Filter Options: If you want to import emails from a specific date range, time, name, etc, then this tool offers you a filter option for that. Apply the filters and import selective emails to Exchange Server account.

Transfer MBOX to Webmail Accounts: This utility not only move MBOX to Exchange but also to other webmail accounts. Using this tool you can import MBOX to Rackspace, RoundCube, Gmail, Yahoo, Google Workspace and many more.

Transfer MBOX to Email Clients: The importing tool also gives an option to move emails from the MBOX file into email clients also. Using this utility you can import MBOX to Outlook, Thunderbird, and other email clients that support IMAP protocol.

download MBOX Converter


In this write up we describe a professional approach to import MBOX to Exchange server with a few easy steps. Along with we provide a complete guide to performing the import process in a step by step manner with screenshots to make it simple. This software offers a demo version, you can use it and move MBOX file into your Exchange account.

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