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How To Convert PST to MBOX – 2 Simple Approach

In this digital era, email is a common mode of communication at the business or personal level. And each email server or client supports a different file format. Sometimes situations may occur when the user switches their email service provider and faces some difficulties while accessing emails. If you are also searching for how to convert PST to MBOX then stay with us and read the complete article.

There is a scenario in which users want to switch the Outlook mail client to the MBOX support mailing client. To access the .pst email file on any .mbox support email applications, you must first transfer PST to MBOX. Here we are going to discuss some reliable methods for this conversion process.

Before we talk about these approaches, focus on some user queries related to .pst to .mbox conversion. Below are some issues we address in this write-up.

Queries related to How to Convert PST to MBOX

“I use Outlook Client for my business and personal use. Now I want to switch to a basic free email application, such as Thunderbird. Is there some way to transfer .pst email files with attachments to Thunderbird??”

“I have 20 Outlook email files and I want to import these into another email client. Can anyone suggest the best method to convert PST to MBOX without data loss?”

After searching over, we came across the 2 best reliable and trusted solutions for this conversion process. Let’s discuss them one by one.

What are the best approaches to Import PST to MBOX?

These are 2 effective and authentic methods used by experts. Users can choose any solution given below.

#1. Using Gmail – Outlook Configuration

#2. Use PST Converter

Now, let’s begin describing the working of the above-given approaches.

Method 1. Export Outlook PST to MBOX with Manual Techniques

To complete this conversion process, you need to log in to your Microsoft Outlook Email Client on your system. After successfully login, follow the below steps;

Step 1. Open a Gmail account on your system.

Step 2. Go to Settings >> Forwarding & POP/IMAP >> choose Enable IMAP and click on Save Changes.

Step 3. Now Open Outlook and navigate to File >> Add Account and enter your login Id and passwords.

Step 4. After Gmail configuring with outlook is completed, create a new folder and copy the folder you want to convert.

Step 5. Then log in to your Gmail account and open Google Takeout using login credentials to import PST to MBOX.

Step 6. From the selected data, choose email and select the label that contains Outlook emails. Click the Next button.

Step 7. Use Customized archive format(.zip) and click on Create Archive button.

Step 8. Now download the .zip file that contains the .mbox file.

Step 9. Then import the zip file in Thunderbird using ImportExportTool >> Import MBOX file.

Note. This method takes lots of time to convert PST to MBOX. And there are high chances of data loss and you have to install Thunderbird on your system.

Are you facing some difficulties in the conversion process using the manual method, then don’t worry we are going to discuss an automated tool to export PST to MBOX in a few clicks.

Method 2. Expert Approach to Export PST to MBOX

Using PST Converter you can easily convert .pst file .mbox and other file formats. It has the ability to create individual MBOX files for each PST file. This software is programmed in such a manner that it can export corrupted .pst files after repairing that email file. With its simple graphical interface, one can convert emails from PST file into MBOX format without any error.

Additionally, there are various filter options that help you to convert PST to MBOX with specific attributes (to, from, cc, bcc, name, date, time, etc). Along with that, there are various other file options to save PST emails in the same interface. Furthermore, you can use this tool and import PST to iCloud, Gmail, Office 365 and other webmail accounts as well.

Download PST to MBOX Converter

Below are the steps to convert Outlook emails to MBOX file format; 

Step1.  Launch and open SysConverter for PST on your system.

Step 2. Navigate to the Open option on the software interface.

Convert PST to MBOX

Step 3. Now Select Email File >> Outlook PST File > Choose the file from a folder.

PST to MBOX Converter

Step 4. This Wizard shows your all emails present in the .pst file in a particular folder.

open mbox file from pst

Step 5. Now click on the Export option and select MBOX from the given list.

export pst to mbox

Step 6. Select the targeted location and click on the Save button.

how to convert pst to mbox

Now PST to MBOX Conversion is completed. Check at a location that is chosen while converting email files. This software has some amazing features which made it a stand-alone tool among others.

Reasons to choose PST to MBOX Converter

This tool has various outstanding features that can help you to convert PST to MBOX with efficiency. Some of them mention here,

Multiple File Saving Option: Using this software you can save email files in different file formats. It gave you multiple options to convert PST to CSV, PDF, HTML, MBOX, EML, and other file formats. This smart tool also imports emails with attachments.

No Outlook Installation This PST to MBOX converter used an advanced algorithm to export .pst files to .mbox file. There is no need to install an Outlook email client to perform the conversion process. It is alone capable to convert emails from PST to MBOX along with attachments.

Cloud Migration: With the help of this tool, you can also transfer PST to Office 365, Yahoo, Gmail and many other webmail accounts. You just need to choose the export option and enter your mailbox login details, and you can easily transfer the PST file to any IMAP account in a few simple steps.

Advanced Filter Options:  Using this advanced filter, you will be able to convert some selected emails from PST files to another file format. You can select from different attributes, like to, from, cc, date, etc.

Support Outlook all versions: With the help of this tool, you can transfer PST files created by Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and other previous versions.

Save PST Calendar and Contact Information: With the help of this converting tool, you can store calendar and contact data in their standard format. If a user wants to export calendar data then you need to convert PST to ICS format. Along with that you can export PST contacts to vCard format and save contacts information.

Download PST to MBOX Converter

Wrapping Up

Here we mention 2 methods to export .pst to .mbox and try to solve the query “How to convert PST to MBOX“. As we already discuss these methods, it is better to use automated techniques for an easy file conversion process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Is it possible to create separate MBOX files from the PST email files?
Answer.  Yes, this converter is smart enough to create individual .mbox files from .pst file.

Question 2. I need some PST emails in PDF format. Can this tool do it for me?
Answer. Yes, this software swiftly convert PST to PDF format with all attachments.

Question 2. I have a PST file of 25 GB size, can this software convert large email files also?
Answer. Yes, this tool will convert large .pst files without losing a single bit of data.

Question 3.  I want to export PST to MBOX with attachments. Can this tool do this for me?
Answer. PST Converter can easily convert your Outlook email file to .mbox file format in a few clicks.

Question 4. I want to save PST emails in .html format so I can edit the message if needed.

Answer. It can convert PST to HTML format so that it can be easily modified and accessed.

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