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How To Convert PST to CSV – 2 Easy Approach

“I have multiple PST files on my local hard disk. Now I need to export contacts from PST email files?”
“How can I easily convert PST to CSV?”
“Can I export contacts from Outlook 2013 PST file?”

If you are also among those who are facing similar situations, then you are in right place. Here in this write-up, we are going to talk about different effective methods to export contacts from Outlook mail files. Let’s start the discussion and try to answer your query – How to Convert PST to CSV? in a simple way.

Before we talk about methods to export PST to CSV, let’s shift our focus to both file formats. As we know, Outlook stores its data in .pst file format. This file format stores emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, address books, tasks, etc. Whereas CSV is used to store contacts in the form of rows and columns (Spreadsheet) which can be open on various platforms. Due to its structured formating and easy to access feature, many users want to import Outlook contacts and save them in CSV files.

Now shift the focus back and discuss different solutions to make CSV files from PST  in an easy approach.

Methods to Export PST to CSV in Easy Approach

#1. Perform Manual Conversion Via Microsoft Outlook
#2. Perform Conversion Via PST Converter

Now, we will focus on both solutions one by one. Let’s begin with the working mechanism of these above mention methods.

Method 1. Manually Convert PST to CSV file format using Outlook

In this manual method, you can export contacts from .pst files into .csv file format using the Microsoft Outlook Import tool. Below are the steps to be followed in order to save PST contacts into CSV file format.

Step 1. Run the Outlook email client on your system.

Step 2. Click on the Open option and select the Import option from the given list.

Step 3. Now select Import and Export Wizard.

convert pst to csv

Step 4. Now select Export to a file and click on the Next button.

export pst to csv

Step 5. After that, choose the CSV file option from the given options.

convert pst to csv

Step 6. Browse the targeted location to save the CSV file and click on the Next button.

File conversion is completed, check the selected location and find a file with a .csv file extension.

This method is free of cost, but it also has some limitations, such as ;
1. It is a lengthy process and time consuming also.
2. Most importantly, you have to install Outlook on your system to make this solution works.
3. It may change your data while converting PST to CSV.

As we see, to import PST to CSV we need an email client to perform this task. Now the question is, do you have this much time to install the application and perform this tedious process? The answer is NO.So to make the conversion process easy and convenient, use the automated method. A tool that can effectively perform your task and save your time and effort.

Method 2. Export Outlook Contacts into CSV Instantly

Use PST Converter to export PST to CSV in a few simple steps.  Contacts are important for communicating with others, so it is necessary to save contacts carefully. This converter provides a secure mechanism that protects your information while converting .pst to .csv file.

Follow the below steps to convert PST file contacts into CSV files;
Step 1. Launch and run PST Converter on your system.
step 2. Move your cursor to the Open option present on the software interface.

convert pst to csv format

Step 3. Choose Select Email File >> Outlook PST File > Choose the file from a folder.

PST Converter

Step 4. This tool shows your emails from Outlook email files, select Contacts from the shown folder.

create csv file from pst file

Step 5. Go to the Export option and select CSV file format.

pst to csv conversion

Step 6.  Choose a location to save the converted file and click on the Save option.

save Outlook contacts into CSV

This is how to export PST to CSV in a few seconds with perfect accuracy and timely result delivery. This software has some amazing features that make it the expert choice to file the conversion process.

Why Choose PST to CSV Converter

      • Smart Preview Option
        This converter gives you the option to view all emails presents in Outlook email files. It helps you to choose the emails or folders you want to convert with their attachments.
      • Import PST to CSV without Outlook
        Using this PST to CSV converter, you can easily export your contacts without using an Outlook email client. Without using any email client it directly converts contact details with names & email addresses in a tabular format.
      • Open PST File in Browser
        With PST to CSV Converter, you can view/read/edit your emails from Outlook data file on any browser. It convert PST to HTML format with complete data as the original. After that user can open the .html file on any browser.
    • Export Corrupted PST file
      This software also converts corrupted, encrypted and password-protected .pst files into .csv with complete data. Retrieve damaged contacts and create a CSV file with all restored contacts.
    • Convert Multple PST to CSV
      With this application, you can easily export contacts from multiple .pst files into .csv file format. This tool ensures your data security during the conversion process.
    • Multiple File saving Options 
      This amazing tool converts PST to CSV instantly. It also gives multiple file saving options to convert PST to EML, MBOX, HTML, vCard, and many more file formats.


    Download PST to CSV Converter


    File conversion is a very difficult task as it involves some crucial data that can’t be lost. So it is important to use the best reliable and secure method to convert PST to CSV. As we already discuss 2 different approaches in this blog. Among both, you can select any method which is best suited to you. Although to get amazing and flawless results, I highly recommend choosing the software mentioned above.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question 1. Can I export multiple PST files into CSV?
    Answer. Yes, with the help of this tool, it is possible to convert multiple .pst files into .csv file format.

    Question 2. Is it possible to export Outlook calendar data using this tool?
    Answer. Yes, this tool convert PST to ICS format which is the standard format to save calendar data.

    Question 3. Can I export Outlook 2007 PST contacts to a CSV file?
    Answer. Yes, PST Converter support Outlook all versions and easily convert contacts into .csv file format.

    Question 4. I want to access the PST file in Thunderbird. How can I do this?
    Answer. You need to convert PST to MBOX to access emails from .pst file in the Thunderbird account.

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