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How to convert PST Contacts to vCard – 2 Best Approach

 “I have been trying to export my Outlook PST files to vCard format. Can anyone suggest to me the best way to do this conversion easily?”

“Is there any way to convert PST contacts to vCard instantly?”

I have 20+ PST files and I want to extract contacts from these email files. Is it possible to do this? If yes, then how?”

These are the common queries asked by many users who are trying to export their contacts into vCard. When the user switches from an Outlook email client to another email client and needs contact details,  then, the user needs to convert PST Contacts to vCard file format that is stored in an Outlook email file.

As we already know, contacts are the most important component in the communication process. That’s why we should be careful while exporting data as a single mistake can lead to losing your crucial data.

Today in this article we are going to discuss the best possible approach to do the conversion process in the right manner.

How to Convert PST Contacts  to vCard

To save Outlook mailbox contacts details, there are two solutions mentioned below;

# 1. Using Manual Method via Outlook

# 2. Using PST Converter

Before we focus on working on these methods, try to know why users are willing to export their Outlook contacts into universal contact saving format.

Why Need To Convert PST Contacts to vCard?

There can be many reasons which lead users to export PST to VCF file format. The most common reason can be switching email clients from  Outlook to another email client.

Sometimes users have some orphan PST email files and at a certain point in time, that orphan file is needed to extract contacts from it. At that point, it becomes necessary to export Outlook contacts into VCF format.

VCF or vCard is the standard format to save the contact information. Therefore users prefer to store contacts in VCF/vCard format. 

Let’s proceed with this article and discuss a simple and effective approach to export PST to vCard.

Method 1. Export Outlook PST Contacts into vCard Manually

Here we will discuss 2 manual methods to convert single and multiple Outlook contacts into vCard format. Let’s start with both one by one;

Steps to Convert PST Contacts to Single VCF format

Step 1. Open Outlook email client on your system.

Step 2. Go to File >> Open and Export >> Import and Export.

convert pst to vcard

Step 3. Select  Import a file >> PST file from the system.

convert pst to vcard

Step 4. After this again navigate to File >> Open and Export >> Export a file.

Step 5. Now select Comma Separated Value from the given list.

convert pst to vcard

Step 6. Browse your contact file and save it in .csv format.

Step 7. Make sure to select Export contact files from the folder after that hit on Finish button.

Step 8. Now create a new Gmail account, then click on Contacts from Google apps.

convert PST contacts to vCard

Step 9. A new interface will open, select the Import option from the given menu.

Step 10. Click on the Select File button and browse the .csv file from the saved location ( File saved at Step 6).

Step 11. Click on the Import button, all PST contacts import into .vcf file format.

This solution saves all contacts into a single vCard file format. After that, you can send or access it on any platform or device with ease.

Steps to convert PST Contacts to Multiple VCF

Follow these instructions, if you want to export single contact details into a standard format.

Step 1. Open Outlook email client on your PC.

Step 2. Now go to the people tab at the button left corner of the interface.

convert PST contacts to vCard

Step 3. Select the contact and click on the Forward button.

Step 4. Opt for a Business Card as a saving option.

Step 5. After this, a newly composed mail will appear on the screen where all contact will be present.

Step 6. Click on the gear option from the selected contact and click on save as Business card and set targeted location.

 Here you successfully convert PST contacts to vCard. You can check the .vcf file at your selected save location.

Method 2: How to Convert PST to vCard Instantly

To transfer Outlook contacts to VCF file format, you just need to choose an automated tool PST Converter. With the help of this amazing wizard, anyone can convert .pst to .vcf in a couple of clicks. There is no size limitation with this tool, it can transfer large PST files with ease. Most importantly, to export the .pst email file you don’t need to install Outlook on your systems.

Download PST to vCard Converter

Step by Step description of the working of this converter. Follow the below steps to convert PST to vCard instantly;

Step 1. Install PST Converter on your system and after that open the software.

Step 2. Now click on the Open option present on the window.

convert pst contacts to vCard

Step 3. After this Select Email Data Files >> Select Outlook files >> Select file from a folder.

PST Converter

Step 4. This software accesses your email file and previews all your emails.

create VCF from PST files

Step 5. Go to the Export option and choose vCard from the given options.

Convert pst to vcard

Step 6. At last, choose your targeted location and click on the Save button.

export pst contacts to vcard

All done, the conversion process is completed. You can check at your selected location and verify the result. Your converted VCF will be there, click on the file and view your contacts in .vcf format.

Why Choose PST to vCard Converter

This utility has numerous attractive features, some of them mention here;

  • Convert Multiple PST Contacts

Using this software, users can batch convert contacts from Outlook PST files to VCF file format in a few clicks. There will be no limitation on the amount of PST files to be transferred.

  • Save Outlook Calendar Data

Using PST to vCard Converter, users can also convert PST to ICS format. This process will export calendar data from the Outlook data file in the standard file format.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Due to its simple interface, the use of this converter is very easy. This tool can be accessed by non-technical users also.

  • Various File saving option

This smart tool not only exports Outlook PST files to vCard format but also different file formats. This tool also converts PST to PDF, MBOX, CSV and many other file formats.

  • Export vCard in different versions

This converter is designed in a smart manner, that can give you an option to convert vCard into different versions. Using this software you can create vCard into 2.1, 3.0, 4.0 versions as per user requirements.

Download PST to vCard Converter


Sometimes users want to switch their Outlook email client to another email server or client. And they have an orphan PST file and want to export contacts from that file.  As we already discuss an effective and smart approach to convert PST to vCard with ease. Both methods are beneficial, you can choose either one according to your ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Is it possible to convert all PST contacts into single VCF files?
Answer. Yes, this software is capable enough to export all Outlook contacts into a single file by enabling the “Merge contacts into single vCard” option.

Question 2. Can I convert PST to vCard in bulk?
Answer. Yes, using this converter you can export multiple Outlook contacts to vCard format. 

Question 3. Can this software convert Outlook 2013 contacts into vCard format?
Answer. Yes, this tool supports Outlook all versions and easily exports PST to vCard without any glitches.

Question 4. Does this tool also export PST file data into Excel format?

Answer. Yes, this tool gives an option to convert PST to CSV format within a few clicks.

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