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How to Convert PST To ICS – Top 2 Methods

“I am working as an event planner and use Outlook to schedule my meeting and event dates. As I have to travel a lot due to which it is quite impossible to access my Outlook account. So now I want to convert my Outlook calendar data into a .ics file format. Suggest me the best possible way? “

“Is it possible to convert PST to ICS file format?”

The above queries tell us that there are many users who are actively searching for various methods to export PST to ICS file format. 

If you are among those users, then this article is for you. Today here we will discuss different techniques to solve the above queries and try to find the answer to the query – How to convert PST to ICS?

Before moving that section and trying to solve your conversion issues, let’s know a little bit about the ICS file format.

ICS is a universal calendar file format. Calendar is an important component owing to the fact that it helps to create appointments, events, organize meetings, view schedules, and many more. Users can easily share calendar information across the web, just by converting their calendar data into ICS file format. Here we are going to address various ways to export PST to ICS format. 

Top 2 Methods To Convert PST to ICS file format

#1. Manual Approach Via Outlook ( Free Approach)

#2. Automated Approach Via PST Converter

Both given approaches are tested by experts. In the next segment, we’ll talk about the working of these methods in detail. At the end of the article, you will be able to convert .pst to .ical without facing any issues. Let’s begin;

Method 1: Export Outlook Calendar into ICS Freeware

This manual approach uses Microsoft Outlook to transfer your calendar data into a .ics file format. Below are the steps to complete the PST to ICS conversion process.

Step 1. First of all, install the Outlook application on your system, if already installed then open it.

Step 2. Now navigate your cursor to the Calendar icon at the bottom-left corner of your interface and click it.

 Convert PST To ICS

Step 3. Now select the File option from the menu and choose the Save Calendar option.

 Convert PST To ICS

Step 4. Provide the targeted location to save the calendar and hit on the More option and then the Save button.

Step 5. From the date range drop-down list, select required data as per your requirement.

Step 6. After specifying the required information, click on Ok and then give a name to the file, hit the Save button.

All done, you have successfully convert PST to ICS file format. While performing the conversion process manually, you may encounter some challenges, such as

  • You have to install the Outlook application on your system to perform this task.
  • The main concern with this method is that it is a very lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • You must be technically qualified to perform this manual method accurately, otherwise, it will lead to severe data loss.

You can face these restrictions while converting .pst file to .ics file format using manual techniques. To overcome these setbacks, we’ll discuss the automated tool in our next segment. Stay with us and discover this amazing tool to make your conversion process hassle-free.

Method 2: Automated Way to Convert Outlook PST to ICS in no time

Taking into account the various limitations that are associated with manual methods, it is best to use a PST Converter. Using this tool, users can save all Outlook calendar data into ICS file format. This tool is intelligently designed, offering a filter option to select specific data from email files.

Let’s know the working of this amazing tool. Below are the steps to be followed to convert PST to ICS file format.

Step 1. Launch and open PST Converter on your system.

Step 2. Click on the Open option present on the software interface.

convert mbox to ics

Step 3. Now Select Email File >> Select Outlook File >> Select file from folder.

PST Converter

Step 4. This converter shows all your emails, you can read them and decide which one you want to convert.

save calendar data from .pst file

Step 5. Now Click on the Export option and choose the ICS file format.

convert .pst to .ics

Step 6. At last, browse your targeted location and hit the Save button.

pst to ics conversion

Here complete the conversion process using this automated tool in a few simple steps. You can check the result and search .ics file at your selected saved location.

Some Key Feature of This Tool 

  • Convert Multiple PST file 

PST to ICS Converter easily export calendar data from Outlook email files into ICS file format. This tool is capable enough to convert bulk calendar data into .ical format. 

  • Various Export Option

This tool easily transfers email from PST file into multiple file formats. Using this utility users can easily export calendar data from PST file to ICS format.  Along with that, you can also convert PST to MBOX, PDF, HTML, CSV, and many more formats.

  • Preserve Email Attributes

When converting email files to another file format, this tool makes sure all email attributes remain as it is. It makes sure there will be no alternation in data after the conversion process ends.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Due to the simple interface of this software, it will be an essay to use by all. Even a  non-technical person can use it due to its self-explanatory features. 

  • Email Filter option

This tool comes with an enhanced filter, using which users can export any selective emails to other file formats with ease. You just have to select the various attributes from the list provided in the software interface.

  • Export Contacts From PST File

If the user has a .pst file and only needs to save the contact information, then this tool can do this task easily. Efficiently convert PST contacts to vCard format. After that, you can use this standard file format to save contact details on any platform.


Sometimes, a situation arises where the user can’t able to access some calendar data from Outlook. In this situation, you can choose the above-described methods as per your need. After this article, it is concluded that the manual method is a lengthy and risky process. And in extreme scenarios, there can be data loss. To avoid this situation it is suggested to use an automated solution named PST Converter

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Can I save my Outlook Calendar data? If yes, then how?
Answer. Yes, you can easily do it by transferring your calendar data into ICS file format. As ICS is a universal file format to save calendar data.

Question 2. Is there any way to export data from PST files into excel format?
Answer. Yes, you need to convert PST to CSV format after that it is easy to open this file on any excel application.

Question 3. IS this software able to convert calendar data from multiple Outlook email files?
Answer. Yes, this tool is smart enough to export PST calendar into ICS from multiple Outlook email files without facing any glitches.

Question 4. Can I export PST emails in PDF format?
Answer. Yes, this tool easily convert PST to PDF format along with attachments.

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