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How to Import Google Takeout to Gmail?

Blog Insight: Most users are looking for a way to import Google Takeout to Gmail. Because around 1.8 billion people use Gmail privately and professionally. Do you know how to do that? If not then don’t worry. Here in this article, we will offer a best reliable solution to export Gmail archive file to new account. Read the full article and at the end you will be able to restore the Google Takeout data to a new Gmail account.

We already know that Google Takeout is a service provided by Google Inc. to download all the email data in a zip file which can be downloaded easily. After extracting this archive file user get an MBOX file that contains all mailbox data. In this process, you can easily save Gmail data on a local drive.

Before we learn the method to import Google Takeout to Gmail account, we must know the reasons behind this import process.

Reasons to Export Gmail Archive to New Account

Let’s understand the basics that drive users for the Google Takeout to Gmail import process. Why don’t we check these causes with some user queries?

I download all Gmail emails through Google Takeout service. Now I want to transfer this archive file to my new email account. Is there any secure method that import Google Takeout to Gmail account without compromising email data?”

“Is there any direct way to import Gmail MBOX file to the new account with complete mailbox data?”

In response to these queries, we came up with a secure and workable method that can help you to upload Gmail MBOX file into the new account. Let’s get to know what is that entity.

How to Import Google Takeout to Gmail Instantly?

There is no manual method to upload Google Takeout archive file to Gmail, so it is best to use a professional tool. One such tool is Google Takeout Converter, this software is specially designed to import Gmail archive to another email account. It is a powerful tool with a simple interface to move email data file of Google Takeout with accuracy.

Additionally, this utility export Google Takeout to PDF, CSV and other file formats. If you don’t want to transfer your entire Google Takeout data, then you can select the email folders and import them into your Gmail account.

Download Google Takeout Converter

Follow the instructions to Transfer Google Takeout to Gmail –

  1. Install and run SysConverter for Google Takeout tool on your Windows OS.
  2. Click on the Open button to add the email data file.Google Takeout Converter
  3. Here Select Email Data File >> Select Google Takeout File >> Select File or Folder.import Google Takeout to Gmail
  4. User can view their archived emails at this software interface.
  5. After that, click on the Export button and choose Gmail from the given option.import Google Takeout to Gmail
  6. At last, enter Gmail login details and click on the Save button.Google Takeout to Gmail import
  7. You can open your Gmail account and check the imported email file on the left side of the interface. Google Takeout to new Gmail

If the user doesn’t have an archive file, then in next section is for them. Here we see how we can download the entire Gmail mailbox.

How to Download Gmail Emails Using Google Takeout Service?

Here are the step-by-step guides to archive Gmail emails in a .mbox file format.

  1. Open Gmail account with login credential.
  2. After that open a new window and search Google Takeout official website.
  3. Google Takeout backup interface will appear, select “Deselect All” under Select data to include section and choose Mail option.
  4. Choose the delivery method as “Send download link via email” along with select file size and type as Gmail emails
  5. After that, click on the “Create export” option to start the process.archive gmail email
  6. At last, go to your Gmail account and check the newly received file by Google Takeout. It contains a link by clicking on it, you can download your archive file.Google Takeout file

You are ready to import Google Takeout to Gmail after achieving mailbox data. After that follow the steps mentioned in the above section.

Now the question is What will you get from this Google Takeout Converter? Let’s check out some features of this automated tool.

Benefits of Using Professional Tool

  • Dual File Selection Option: This tool offers dual-mode to select Google Takeout file i.e. Select File or Folder. Users can import a single data file as well as an entire folder that contains multiple .mbox files to a new Gmail account without losing data.
  • Different Saving Option: With this utility, users not only move Gmail MBOX to a new account but also convert Google Takeout to CSV, PST, PDF, HTML, and other file formats. All these saving options will be present in a single interface.
  • Extract Information: Using this converter users can extract attachments from Google Takeout in a single text file. Users can extract email addresses, phone numbers, attachments, and associated email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Export Google Takeout file to Outlook PST: This software is programmed with an advanced algorithm where users can convert Google Takeout to PST format without facing any glitches. Users can also export the Gmail archive file to various email clients securely.
  • Compatible With Windows OS: This tool can easily install and open on any Windows OS system. One can run this stool on Windows 11, 10, 8, Vista, XP and all other previous versions.

Download Google Takeout Converter

Final Words

In this blog post, we learn how to archive Gmail emails and a reliable method to import Google Takeout to Gmail account with complete mailbox data. You can use this solution and upload Google Takeout archive file to your Gmail account without facing any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. In the past, I’ve downloaded my emails from a Gmail account using Google Takeout. This gave me a .mbox archive file. Is there a way I can upload this into another Gmail account?
Answer. Yes, with the help of this tool, you can easily restore your Google Takeout data to your new Gmail account without losing any single bit of data.

Question 2. Can I open emails from the Gmail MBOX file in Chrome?
Answer. Yes, you can access mailbox emails on any browser, for that you have to convert Google Takeout to HTML format. This tool also saves attachments along with emails.

Question 3. Does this software keep the original folder structure of the Google Takeout folders?
Answer. Yes, his utility makes sure to maintain email folder or sub-folder hierarchy and structure.

Question 4. Can I print Google Takeout emails in PDF format along with attachments?

Answer. Yes, you can easily convert Google Takeout to PDF format with all the attachments intake.

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