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How To Convert OST to PST Without Outlook

I have an orphan OST file on my system and try to access it on my Outlook account, but not able to access it. After searching a lot I got to know that OST files are bound to the same profile that create that email file. Can anyone tell me how can I convert OST to PST file so that it can be accessed on another Outlook account? ”

My Outlook account was corrupted without a backup. I have an important email that I would like to send urgently. Now I have an OST file and I want to convert OST file to PST file so that I can access my corrupted data?”

“I have an OST file that is 25GB in size. Can you suggest the best possible way to export OST to PST?”

Are you also pondering how to convert OST to PST? Then don’t worry here you will get a reliable and workable solution to all your queries. And at the end of this article, you can easily export OST to PST without any data loss. Before we talk about the method to do the conversion, let’s know a little about both the file formats.

Quick Look at OST and PST file

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email client that comes with the Microsoft Office package. This email client saves its entire data into two different file formats i.e. OST and PST.

OST (Offline Storage Table) is a file format that saves the entire Outlook mailbox in offline email folders which helps users to access emails without internet connectivity. This file is automatically created when a new Outlook account is created. Whereas PST ( Personal Storage Table) that save data of user email account such as emails, contacts, calendars, journals, etc. This file is created by the users while backup Outlook emails. It is an actual storage file, not a cached file.

After a quick look at both formats, the question arises why is it necessary to convert the OST to PST file format? In the next section, we will address the same question and try to find the answer as well.

Scenario Where OST to PST Conversion Needed

There are various situations where users wish to export .ost to the .pst file. Some of such scenarios mention below;

  • Unwanted crash of Outlook without backup.
  • Have an orphan OST file and now want to access it.
  • Corruption of database file.
  • The OST file is associated with the same Outlook account that it was created with.
  • And many more

Here we know the reasons for converting OST to PST. In the next section, we will now discuss the process of converting these file formats efficiently.

Professional Approach To Convert OST to PST Without Outlook

In order to overpower the above-mentioned situations, it is necessary to choose a reliable and trusted solution to do the export process. One such authentic tool is the OST converter, which can easily convert OST to PST. The user just has to import the OST file into the software interface and in a few clicks, it transforms it into a PST file without any data loss. There are various advance filter options that allow you to convert emails from a specific date, time, name, etc. 

With this tool, you can easily export orphan OST file into PST without any data alteration. Along with that, this converting wizard is powerful enough to locate the .ost file from the system and convert it with complete precision. Additionally, users can also import OST to Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird, and other email clients and servers with ease.

download OST Converter

How to Export OST to PST Instantly

Below is a step-by-step description to convert OST to PST using the above-mentioned authentic and secure method.

Step 1. Download and open SysConverter for OST on your system.

Step 2. After this, go to the Open option on the software interface.

convert ost to pst without Outlook

Step 3. Now Select Email Data File >> Select Outlook OST file >> Select file from folder.

OST Converter

Step 4. This tool shows a preview of all emails in the OST file.

save pst from ost file

Step 5. In this step navigate your cursor to the Export drop-down option and select PST format.

convert ost to pst

Step 6. Here you can select the email folder that is important and needs to convert into a PTS file.

convert OST to PST

Step 7. After following the steps above, browse the destination location and click the Save button.

convert OST to PST without Outlook

Here you successfully convert OST to PST without Outlook in a few simple steps. Users can find the converted file at the selected saving location. This software has some quite outstanding features that make it unique, some of them are mentioned in the next section.

Remarkable Features of OST to PST Converter

  • Export Large OST File

This tool efficiently transfers large Outlook OST files in a single attempt. Using this software anyone can convert OST to PST without worrying about the size of their OST file. Along with that, this software also converts orphan, damaged, encrypted or password-protected OST file without any hassle.

  • Advance Filter option

This software has a built-in email filter that helps users to convert selected emails from OST files according to their needs. Users can select from multiple email categories such as emails, calendars, journals, tasks, attachments, etc and avoid unwanted conversions. Additionally, you can also apply filters – to, from, cc, bcc, name, subject, date, time, property id, and many more.

  • Numerous File Saving options

One of the most amazing features of this tool is that it offers multiple options for saving files in a single interface. Users can convert OST to PST easily, as well as convert OST to CSV, MBOX, PDF, HTML, ICS, and other file formats in one place.

  • Transfer OST file to Cloud

With the help of this utility, you can smoothly transfer your email files into cloud-based servers without changing email properties. Users can easily import OST to Yahoo, Office 365, Yandex, Zoho, Thunderbird, Gmail, and other email clients and servers.

  • Extract Email Information

This tool has another option that helps to extract information from emails in a separate file. Users choose from the given lists such as email addresses, phone numbers, attachments, contact photos, associated email addresses and phone numbers. If you want to extract attachments from OST file, then you can use the extract option of this utility.

  • Export Contacts and Calendar Data From OST File

With this OST to PST Converter, users can also save contacts and calendar information in their standard format. It convert OST to vCard format which is the standard format to save contact data. Along with that, you can also save calendar data and convert OST to ICS format.

  • Selective Email Conversion 

If you have multiple email folders in your mailbox, then you can use the selective conversion feature of this tool. After loading the OST file into this tool you can select the folders that are important and you want to convert them into PST format.

  • Windows-Based Utility:

The software is designed with such an algorithm that it works on all Windows OS versions. You can install and run this utility on Windows 11, 10, 7, Vista, XP, and all other previous versions. It also support32 & 64-bits OS systems.

Download OST Converter

Conclusion – Convert OST to PST Without Outlook

Here on this blog, we discuss various reasons to export OST to PST through different user queries. And also talk about an efficient and effective method to do the conversion process, namely OST Converter. We already discussed the simple operation of this tool with its features in the previous section. Lastly, I really recommend using a professional tool to trust your crucial data. Try the demo version of this software and convert OST to PST yourself.

Frequently Asked Question

Question 1. Can this tool convert OST to PST file created by Outlook 2013?
Answer. Yes, this software supports all Outlook versions. You can export .ost to .pst file without worrying about its version.

Question 2.  My Outlook can’t able to access an orphan OST file. Can anyone help me?
Answer. In order to access an orphan .ost file, you have to convert OST file to PST. After this conversion, you can easily read emails from the OST file.

Question 3. Can this software export large OST files?
Answer. Yes, this tool is capable enough to convert large .ost files into .pst and other file formats also.

Question 4. I have 20 GB of data in my OST file. How much time does this tool take to convert OST emails to PST format with no data loss?
Answer. This tool easily export large-size data files within a few seconds. Above that, it also ensures maintaining data integrity.

Question 5. Does this tool save emails from OST file into PDF format?
Answer. Yes, with this tool you can easily convert OST to PDF format without altering the email structure.

Question 6. Can this tool convert OST files if Outlook is not connected to Exchange Server?
Answer. Yes, you do not need a connection to Exchange Server to use this OST file conversion tool.

Question 7. Is it possible to save OST file data into a web-based email account?
Answer. Yes, this tool directly import OST to Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo and all other email servers.

Question 8. How do I import an OST file into Outlook 2019?
Answer. Using this tool you can easily transfer OST file data into Outlook all versions.  If you want to know the detailed process, then read the above section of this article where the steps to convert OST to PST are mentioned.

Question 9. I have an OST file that I need to access in my Exchange Online account. Can this software help me with this?
Answer. Yes, the automated tool will effortlessly import OST to Exchange mailbox without any data loss.

Question 10. Can I use this tool on my Windows 11 OS version?
Answer. Yes, you can use the OST Converter tool on Windows 11, 10, 8, Vista and all other previous versions. Even it supports 32 and 64-bit systems.

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