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How to Import MBOX to Outlook – Best 2 Solutions

Summary: Are you an Outlook user and want to import MBOX to Outlook? If yes, here is the complete guide to save all emails from the .mbox file in MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 and other older versions.

Email is the main component of communication. Almost every organisation uses an email client to manage their business emails. Many email clients use the MBOX file format to save their mailbox data.

However, there are many applications present in the market, among them Outlook is the most preferred desktop email client.

There can be some situations where the user needs to import MBOX to Outlook 2021/2019 and other versions. Some of them mention in the next section.

Is it possible to Save MBOX File to Outlook?

In some scenarios where the user urgently needs to open emails from the MBOX file into an Outlook account. However, MBOX to Outlook import is a tricky task.


Because Outlook doesn’t have the option to upload .mbox files in its interface. It only allow to import .pst and .csv data file.

That’s why in order to access emails from the MBOX file in Outlook, the user needs to transfer emails from the MBOX file to PST format. After that, it can be imported into the MS Outlook interface.

Now the question is how that is possible. To know that continue reading.

Methods to Import MBOX to Outlook Account

However, we already mention that there is no direct manual method to perform this import process.
Since there is no official method available, this leaves us with two options,

#1. Import MBOX to Outlook Using Mail Account Configuration.

#2. Use Automated Tool to Save MBOX emails in PST format.

Both methods are evaluated by experts. However, it is recommended to use the preferred automation tool for secure and integrated results.

Here in the next section, we will learn the detailed description to transfer MBOX file to Outlook account. Go through both methods and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Therefore without further delay, let’s dive in a get to know the process to save MBOX file into Outlook account.

Instant Solution: If you want to swiftly transfer MBOX to Outlook mailbox without any hassle, then you can use the SysConverter for MBOX tool on your Windows OS systems. You can use the demo version of this utility and perform the import process.

download MBOX Converter

Method 1: Manually Move MBOX file to Outlook

This MBOX to Thunderbird import process has to perform this task in 3 steps.

Step 1. Configure Gmail to Outlook account

In the manual method, we use Thunderbird email client to convert MBOX to EML format after that drag and drop them into the Outlook interface. Let’s see how to import MBOX to Thunderbird.

Step 1. Open a Thunderbird account if it is configured on your system. If not then install and configured it to an existing email account.

Step 2. Add ImportExportTool NG add-ons and restart your Thunderbird account.

Step 3. After that click on Tool >> ImportExporttool NG >> Import MBOX file.

import mbox to thundrebird

Step 4. Browse the data file from the saved location.

Step 5. Now all MBOX field emails are added on the Thunderbird interface. After that select the message to export.

Step 6. Press CTRL + A to seelct emails from folder and then right- click >> Save Seelcted Message >> EML Format.

import mbox to outlook

Step 7. Repeat these processes for each folder that needs to transfer.

However, this method will be a lengthy one when there are multiple MBOX files to import into an Outlook account.

If you want to avoid such a tiring process, ten use the automated tool mentioned in the next section of the article.

Method 2: Direct Way to Import MBOX to Outlook in Bulk

If you have multiple MBOX file and want to add them to your Outlook interface, then use MBOX File Converter. It is an intuitive tool that performs this import process with efficiency and accuracy. In order to access email data files in Outlook users need to convert MBOX to PST, so that it can easily import into the Outlook interface.

Additionally, to it, his software makes sure to preserve mailbox folder or sub-folder structure and hierarchy while performing MBOX to Outlook import process. Full of multiple features and a supportive user interface, it provides the best result in a few seconds.

download MBOX Converter

Steps to Transfer MBOX File to Outlook using Professional Tool

Follow the given instruction and save .mbox email in .pst format and then import them into the Outlook interface.

Step 1. Install and run SysConverter for MBOX tool on your machine.

Step 2. Clcik on Open >> Email Data File >> MBOX File >> select Files or Folder.

import mbox file to outlook

Step 3. This tool scans the .mbox file and previews its emails in its interface.

import mbox to outlook

Step 4. After that click on the Export button and choose PST as a saving option.

import mbox to outlook

Step 5: If you want to transfer specific email folders from MBOX file, then you can choose them after selecting the export option.

Import MBOX to Outlook

Step 6. Browse the saving location and click on the Save button.

import mbox file to outlook

Here completes the MBOX to PST export, now you need to import it on the Outlook interface. To do that follow the below steps.

Step 7. Open outlook interface and click on File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export Tool.

import mbox into outlook

Step 8. After that click on Import from Another File or Program >> Outlook Data File (.pst).

upload mbox to outlook

Step 9. Select the data file from the saving location and click on the Next button.

Now you successfully import MBOX to Outlook with complete mailbox data without data loss.

Why Use MBOX to Outlook Import Tool

With this tool, there are various outstanding features that help in efficient and secure email migration.

Import Multiple MBOX Files: This software offer a dual option to select the data file. Either you can select the MBOX files or choose the entire folder for importing. In this way, you can perform the bulk migration of the MBOX files at once.

Upload MBOX to Cloud: With the help of the software, you can also transfer emails from MBOX file to various webmail accounts with ease. It will efficiently move MBOX to Gmail, Office 365, and other IMAP servers.

Simple User Interface: The software is designed with easy-to-use graphics so that any novice user can operate it. With its simple working, there is no need for any assistance while transferring MBOX to Outlook account.

Email Filters: There are various filter options offered by this tool for selective email migration. One can apply filters such as – to, from, cc, bcc, date, time, name, subject, etc.


Today we address the issue related to MBOX to Outlook import process. To resolve this issue we mention two methods – Manual and Automated. However, the manual method is capable to transfer a limited number of emails from a .mbox file. To perform batch import MBOX to Outlook it is ideal to use MBOX to Outlook Import Tool. Try the demo version of this software and solve all your MBOX file import issues.


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