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How to Export Yandex Mail to PST File?

This blog is the complete guide to export Yandex Mail to PST along with attachments. If you are looking for a secure and efficient way to export Yandex emails to PST file, then read the blog till the end.

Yandex.Mail is the email service provided by the Russian multinational company Yandex. This company is well known for its internet-related products and services. It is a reliable and feature-rich email service that mainly focuses on usability, security, etc. However, you may not always be able to access your email account. In that case, a local copy of your data can be helpful. That’s the main reason that users want to convert Yandex.Mail to PST file for accessing their emails on their system.

How do I export my Yandex email to PST? Well there is np direct way to save Yandex emails in PST file. However, using Outlook application you can complete the task. Just configure your Yandex.Mail with Outlook and export data in PST file. On the other hand, there are various tools that can complete the export process effortlessly.

Here we will discuss both the solutions alternatively. Let’s move ahead and discuss both approaches in detail.

How to Export Emails from Yandex.Mail to PST File?

Before you start exporting emails manually, you should know that Yadex Mail doesn’t have any option to export data to PST file. Although, it is possible with Yandex.Mail to Outlook configuration.

1. Open your Outlook (if not installed, then download it).

2. After that, File >> Add Account >> Enter your Yandex.Mail login id.

add Yandex.Mail to Outlook

3. Select Enter IMAP details and your password and Finish the configuration.

4. Restart Outlook and check for your Yandex Mail emails.

5. Then, File >> Open&Export >> Import/Export.

Export Yandex Mail to PST

6. Export to a File >> Outlook Data File(.pst).

7. Select your Yandex.Mail email id and click Next.

8. Browse the saving location and hit the Finish button.

Done! Here you export Yandex Mail to PST file manually. However, if you could not configure your account or the import export option greyed out Outlook, then this method will not work.

How to Convert Yandex Mail to PST With Attachments?

SysConverter Email Backup Tool is the easy and secure approach to complete the export process. With its simple and easy-to-use interface it’s easy to export emails from Yandex to PST without any hassle. With this tool, various outstanding features allow to export of selective email folders, emails from particular persons or dates and times, etc.

Moreover, using this tool you can also export Yandex.Mail to different email accounts effortlessly. Download it and experience the export process without any hassle.

download button

Steps to Export Yandex Mail to PST in Bulk

1. Download the software on your system.

2. Select Open >> Email Accounts >> Add Account.

run the software

3. Enter your Yandex.Mail login details and click the Add button.

Enter your Yandex.Mail login details

4. Click on Export and choose PST from the given option.

select option to Export Yandex Mail to PST

5. Browse the targeted location and hit the Save button.

Export Yandex to PST

Done! Here you export emails from Yandex.Mail account to PST file in bulk. More importantly, while batch exporting emails, there will be no data loss. With this tool, there are various outstanding features, including –

  • Maintain email folder hierarchy and structure.
  • Preserve data integrity and email metadata.
  • Allow to export Yandex.Mail data to various IMAP accounts.
  • Advance search option to export selective emails.
  • Allow to select email folder for exporting.


Exporting Yandex email to PST is a complex process since there is no direct manual way to perform the task. However, with the right approach, you can easily export Yandex Mail to PST format. Here in this blog, we discuss two such methods that can complete the export process without any hassle. Now decide which method is best for you and export emails from your Yandex email account to a PST file.

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