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Expert Tool to Export Emails Messages, Contacts, etc to Popular File Formats.

  • Convert Eudora Emails to PST, MBOX, PDF, CSV, HTML, and other file formats
  • Automatically detect the configured Eudora account and efficiently load its emails
  • Export Mailbox data into various file formats in bulk, with no data loss
  • Advance search option to locate emails with particular attributes
  • Directly Import Eudora Emails to Gmail, Office 365, and other webmail accounts
  • Preserve mailbox structure and hierarchy during the email conversion process
  • Convert Eudora email along with attachments without any modificationsv
  • Unlimited email conversion to other file formats without any restrictions
  • No other application installation is required while converting Eudora email
  • Rund and Install an all Windows operating system (Windows 11, 10, etc)

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Windows 11

Why Eudora Converter Wizard?
Know why to use this tool to export emails into various file formats

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Multiple options for saving files

This Eudora Email Converter is an expert solution that offers different export options to save mailbox data. With the help of this tool, you can easily convert Eudora emails to CSV, PST, MBOX, HTML. EML and other file formats. The most important thing is that all these options will be obtained in a single interface, so you don't need to find a different utility for different file conversions.

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Auto Detect Configured Account 

This tool is designed with advanced technology that automatically locates the configured email account. After installing this tool on your system and choosing the Eudora mail account option, it will scan your system and detect the configured Eudora mail account. After that, upload your email to convert them. You do not need to fill in your login details to start the conversion.

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Advanced Search Options

With this conversion tool comes an advanced search function. With this feature, you can find emails from specific fields and attributes. It offers different fields like to, from, subject, cc, bcc, property id, property name and many other options. Using it, users can export unneeded emails and avoid unwanted email conversions. If you also want to convert Eudora emails from any particular date range, then this tool is for you.

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Maintain Mailbox Structure

Eudora Email Converter has another amazing feature to preserve mailbox structure. While using this tool to convert Eudora Mail, you will get the resulting emails in an exact format as the original. This utility maintains the folder and subfolder structure of mailboxes during the conversion process. All emails will be exported including email address (sender or recipient), subject, attachments, hyperlinks, inline images, digital signatures and many more.

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Extract Mailbox Data

One other advanced feature of this tool is its data extraction. Using this tool you can save email addresses, phone numbers, attachments and associated email addresses and phone numbers. All this information will be saved in a separate text file. If you want to store only contact details from entire mailbox data, then this tool offers you an option to do it without going through the complete mailbox conversion.

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Directly Export Eudora Mail to Cloud

This conversion tool has a special feature that allows you to directly export Eudora emails to web-based email accounts. With the help of this tool, users can transfer emails from Eudora to Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, GoDaddy, Yandex and all other email accounts that support IMAP protocol. Also, you can export mailbox data to other email clients like Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail, MailBird, MailSpring and many more.

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Export Selective Mailbox Folders

After loading Eudora mails, it displays them in its interface. Here you can read and view all your emails and decide which ones you need and want to convert. You can select the folder of the mailbox data for selective conversion of e-mail folders. You just need to check the checkbox in front of each folder. After that, select the export option and save only the necessary data of the entire mailbox. It will save you time and space and avoid unnecessary conversions.

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Export Unlimited Eudora Mailbox Data

This email conversion tool has been designed to make unlimited mailbox conversionas an easy process. When exporting emails from Eudora with this utility, there are no restrictions on the size of the data file. With this powerful utility, you can convert unlimited Eudora emails into different file formats without facing any problem. Along with that, this tool preserves the integrity of your mailbox data and converts email data without losing a single bit of data

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Preview Eudora Account Data

Before converting email from the Eudora mail account, you can read and view all the emails present in your mail account. It offers a feature, where this tool shows a preview of mailbox emails on its interface. From there, you can read your emails along with the attachment, email header information, hyperlinks, and all email components. It is useful to analyse mailbox data before converting your emails.

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Support Windows OS

This utility is designed for Windows operating systems. It is fully compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system. It works on Windows 11, 10, 8, XP, Vista and all other older versions with ease. It is also compatible with all x64 and x86 bits of the Windows operating system without any technical issues.

Eudora Converter Software Free Download
Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use Eudora Converter with Ease

SysConverter Software Box
Software Download
Size 48 MB
Version 8.0
Take a Trial - It is suggested to download the demo edition first to check the software working and functionalities.

Trial Limitations

Download free edition to convert 10 emails from each folder.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
48.7 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Supported Editions

Win 11 & All Below Windows Versions

Software Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

How to export email from Eudora mail account to PDF format?

To convert Eudora emails to PDF format, follow the instructions provided,
Step 1. Download and run this tool on your system.
Step 2. Click Open to choose the required field.
Step 3. Here select Desktop Email Client >> Eudora Account >> Open Configured Account.
Step 4. Click Export and choose the PDF format.
Step 5. Lastly, browse to the save location and hit the Save option.

Yesthis software is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system.

No, you do not need to install the Outlook desktop email client to convert Eudora Mails to PST format. This software is enough to do this conversion by itself.

Yesthis tool preserves all email attributes and properties during the conversion process.

Yes,you can easily access mailbox emails in any browser, just convert Eudora Mails to HTML format.

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