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How to Import MBOX to iCloud Mail With Attachments?

This write up describes the best way to transfer MBOX file to iCloud mail account. If you are also looking for a way to import MBOX to iCloud with attachments, then this article will help you with it. Read the complete article and upload .mbox file into iCloud webmail account with complete attachments.

If you have an App ID, you have an iCloud webmail account. iCloud is an email service available to all iOS, Mac OS, and Windows users. This free email service gives you some premium features, including 5 GB of email storage, excluding space used by your emails and other data stored in the cloud.

Now the question is why this MBOX to iCloud import process is needed. Let’s understand it by a user query.

“Hello! I use my iCloud webmail account to send emails. But I’m stuck because I have some MBOX files, but I don’t have an application installed on my system that supports this file format. Hence I was wondering if there is a way to import MBOX to iCloud webmail account? If there is, please share it with me. Thanks in advance.

Let’s get to know the way to access MBOX file emails into iCloud Mail with attachments.

How to Transfer MBOX Emails to iCloud

You can use perform this importing process in two ways. Before you start the process you should know there is no direct manual method to perform this import process.

#1. Upload MBOX to iCloud Using Expert Solution

#2. Import MBOX File Into iCloud Mail Manually

Without any further delay, let’s dive in and know these approaches in detail.

Method 1: Import MBOX to iCloud Mail Wih Attachments

As there is no direct way to transfer emails from .mbox file into iCloud account, the only solution remain is the use of a third-party solution. One such secure and efficient utility is MBOX Converter which will import MBOX into iCloud Mail with attachments. This software will offer a batch mode for transferring multiple MBOX files to iCloud account in a single attempt. While importing mailbox data to a webmail account, this automated tool maintains the data integrity throughout the importing process.

In addition to these, this software can also import MBOX to Exchange, Gmail, Office 365, Roundcube, Rackspace, Google Workspace, and many other webmail accounts with ease. Along with that, during the import process, this tool maintains the mailbox folder and subfolder structure and hierarchy.

download MBOX Converter

Steps to Transfer MBOX Emails to iCloud Mail

To upload emails from .mbox file into iCloud webmail account directly, follow the given instruction. Before you start the MBOX to iCloud import process, enable your iCloud mail account IMAP setting.

Step 1. Install and run the Sysconverter for MBOX on your Windows OS system.

Step 2. Click on the Open drop-down menu and select from the given options.

Import MBOX to iCloud

Step 3. Select Email Data File >> MBOX File >> Select File or Folder.

Import MBOX file to iCloud

Step 4. Here, the software previews the .mbox file email. You can read the email and select the folder you want to import.

Import MBOX to iCloud

Step 5. Click on Export and select the IMAP option.

Import MBOX to iCloud

Step 6. At last, enter your iCloud email address and password, and hit the Save button.
[Server Address:  Port No.: 993]

Import MBOX to iCloud

All Done! Here completes the MBOX to iCloud transfer process with attachments. This method will directly move .mbox files into iCloud webmail account without any data loss and modification.

Method 2: Manually Upload MBOX File to iCloud

This native approach required the Thunderbird email client installed on your system (or any other desktop application that supports .mbox file format). After that, you need to configure your iCloud account with Thunderbird to perform this importing process. Let’s see how to import MBOX to iCloud account.

Note: Enable the IMAP setting for your iCloud webmail account.

Step 1: Configure iCloud to Thunderbird

1. Open Thunderbird email client after installation.

2. In the software interface, select Email under the Set up an account section.

3. Then enter your name, email address and password and clcik on the continue button.
(Note: Generate app password from your iCloud account).

4. Click on the Manual Config option enter the given values and click on Done

Incoming : Server Name –, Port – 993, SSL – SSL/TLS.

Here completes the configuration, now you can see all your iCloud emails in the Thunderbird interface.

Step 2: Upload .mbox file into Thunderbird

1. Now install ImportExportTool NG on your Thunderbird account. After installation restarts the application.

2. After that, click on Tool >> ImportExportTool NG >> Import MBOX File.

3. Browse the .mbox file and upload it.

4. Now move the imported folder under your iCloud email address.

Finish! Here you manually import MBOX to iCloud mail account. However, this native solution has some limitations.

Drawbacks With Native MBOX to iCloud Import Process

Although this method can transfer .mbox file to iCloud, it has some flaws such as;

  • It is a lengthy process and takes time to complete the import process.
  • Need technical knowledge or assistance for the configuration process.
  • If the process doesn’t implement properly, there is a risk of data loss.
  • Need to install the Thunderbird email client on your system.
  • No filter option to import specific emails.
  • High chances of modification and alteration in mailbox data.

To avoid these restrictions and perform a hassle-free import process, use the automated tool mentioned in the above section.

Why Use MBOX to iCloud Import Tool

There are various reasons to choose this professional tool. Some of them mention here,

Bulk MBOX Import: This tool offers an option to select a Folder of multiple .mbox files and transfer them into a webmail account. It will upload all the MBOX files into iCloud account in a single attempt without any error.

Email Filter Options: The MBOX to iCloud Import Tool offer a wide range of email filters. You can apply various filters such as – to, from, cc, subject, bcc, content, has attachments, property id & name, date range, and many more.

Transfer MBOX to Webmail Accounts: This utility not only uploads emails form MBOX to iCloud, but also to other cloud-based email servers. You can import MBOX to Gmail, Google Workspace, Yahoo, Rackspace, Roundcube and all other webmail accounts.

Easy to Use Utility: With a simple graphical interface this MBOX to iCloud Import tool can be used by any user.  Even novice user can operate this tool and import MBOX to iCloud mail with attachments.

No Other Installation Required: The tool is alone capable to perform this import process without any other application required. Just install this software and directly transfer your mailbox data to your iCloud account.

download MBOX Converter


The article shows you two different solutions to transfer MBOX file to iCloud account. Both methods are capable to perform the importing process. You can use any one of the given methods and import MBOX to iCloud mail with attachemnts.

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