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How to Convert Outlook Emails to EML Format?

Summary: Want to save your Outlook emails into a single file? If your answer is yes, then this writes up will guide you – How to Convert Outlook emails to EML format with no data loss and modification.

If you use Outlook email client for your business purposes, there is a high chance that your inbox is full of important emails. For some reason, your email client stopped working or crashed. In this case, it is important to save emails. So what will you do if one day you need to export them to another account? The answer to that is an EML file format.

Today we are going to do such a task where we will convert Outlook emails to EML format with complete email information. Hence, read this complete article to learn how to run this errand.

Export Outlook emails to EML is a question whose answer is searched by many users. EML file format is a standard format to save emails and is also supported by many web-based servers. So exporting Outlook emails into .eml make it easy to import them into another email account.

Therefore to solve answers this mostly asked questions, we will discuss the complete guide to convert emails from Outlook to EML format. Let’s proceed and learn those solutions.

Method to Export Emails from Outlook to EML Format

Here in this write up we are going to mention workable solutions to perform this conversion. This method is tested by professionals. Let’s get to know about them.

Unfortunately, there is no direct manual method to convert Outlook emails to EML format. To perform this operation user needs to rely on a third-party solution. However, finding a solution that meets your needs is a complex issue. To save you from this tedious task, we will introduce you to an automated solution that will solve all your conversion problems.

Outlook Converter is one such solution that can convert unlimited emails from Outlook to EML without data loss. Also, this tool is capable of exporting emails from an Outlook account from a specific date range, sender, subject, etc. simply by providing an email filtering option. Most importantly, it convert emails from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 and other earlier versions without any glitches.

download Outlook Converter

Now let’s check how this software works and export Outlook emails to .eml format.

Steps to Convert Outlook Emails to EML Instantly

Follow the below-given steps for Outlook to EML conversion using this automated tool.

Step 1. Download and turn this software on your Windows OS.

Step 2. Click on the Open button to open Outlook emails.

convert outlook emails to eml

Step 3. Select Desktop Email Client >> Outlook Account >> Open Account.

export outlook emails to eml

Step 4. This tool shows all Outlook emails in its interface to read/view.

convert emails from outlook to eml

Step 5. After that click on the Export button and select EML format.

convert outlook to eml

Step 6. At last, browse the saving location and click on the Save button.

export outlook emails to eml formatHere complete the Outlook to EML conversion using this email converter with complete email data.

download Outlook Converter


In this blog, we learn an instant method to convert Outlook emails to EML format with complete email data. Using this tool you can easily export numerous emails in an EML format without any error. You can opt for this method and try the demo version of this tool and export your Outlook emails to .eml format.

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